Quality Policy

We are dedicated to a system and philosophy of continuous improvement in quality, delivery, customer service, and environmental compliance.

Varland Plating is guided by a tradition of sound business practices and of sharing its success with its employees.

Quality Management System

Our customers trust us with their parts. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our commitment to quality begins the moment parts enter our facility and does not end until parts are shipped back out. Our Quality Management System has been designed and implemented to assure control of all procedures and processes within our facility that impact customer parts. The Varland Computerized Management System (VCMS) helps to integrate all phases of our operation.

After customer parts are physically received into our plant, the initial receipt process involves part verification, piece counting, and labeling. The VCMS receipt and order entry system assigns a unique identification number to each order. This allows us to identify, segregate, and track customer parts as they proceed through our various process steps.

A specific processing procedure is developed and engineered for each part that we process. This processing information is maintained on the VCMS. When parts are plated, part-specific processing data (from this database) is “handed-off” to computer-managed plating equipment which automatically sets plating parameters, monitoring and control conditions, etc. This comprehensive system of process control assures both consistent processing of customer parts and reliable, high-quality plating.

Quality checks are integrated into processing steps. Before, during, and after processing, customer parts are subjected to quality testing and verification to ensure that part quality is maintained and that the plating finish adheres to all requirements of the specification. A final Quality Control Department audit is performed on every order prior to shipment.

Quality Control Services & Capabilities

Certifications & Awards