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Contact Varland Plating

To contact us directly, please use the following information:

Varland Plating
3231 Fredonia Aveue
Cincinnati, OH 45229

Phone: (513) 861-0555
Fax: (513) 961-7017

Speak to a Member of our Sales Team

If you’d like to contact a member of our sales team directly, feel free to contact Kevin Marsh, Art Mink, or John McGuire via phone or email and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Photo of Kevin Marsh

Kevin Marsh
Vice President
Sales Manager


Photo of Art Mink

Art Mink
Assistant Sales Manager
Customer Quality Assurance


Photo of John McGuire

John McGuire
Quality System Manager


If you’re not sure who you need to speak to, feel free to send us a message using the form below and we’ll make sure it gets to the right person: